Ticketless Parking

Ticketless parking at Castle Towers Shopping Centre


As part of its proposed redevelopment, Castle Towers is introducing one of the most advanced parking systems in Australia, incorporating parking guidance technology and an efficient ticketless parking system.


The changes are designed to create an improved parking experience at Castle Towers by making it quicker and easier to find a parking space.


How will it work?


The ticketless parking system operates on a licence plate recognition system, where a camera on entry and exit of the car park captures your licence plate number.


It is worth noting the time as you will not be issued a ticket. 


When will ticketless parking commence at Castle Towers?


Ticketless parking has commenced at Castle Towers, whilst we introduce and test the system you can enjoy complimentary parking. We will be sure to announce when the complimentary period finishes, well in advance of the date.


How much will it cost to park at Castle Towers?


Once managed parking is introduced, the first three hours will remain free, as will parking for customers who enter the car park after 6pm.


Cinema patrons will also be able to access an additional hour of free parking upon validation.


Independent data and analysis of our customers’ shopping behaviour anticipates less than 10% of our guests will pay for parking.


Once the system is activated, rates for parking will be as follows:


Length of stay


Up to 3 hours


Up to 3.5 hours


Up to 4.0 hours


Up to 4.5 hours


Up to 5.0 hours


Up to 5.5 hours


Up to 6.0 hours


Up to 6.5 hours


Up to 7.0 hours


7.0 and over


Maximum Daily Rate $40

*10c surcharge applies to all credit card transactions

How will I pay for my parking?

Any customers who have parked for less than three hours will not be required to pay for parking, and can proceed directly to the exit. The ticketless payment system will recognise your vehicle’s licence plate and the boom gate will open automatically.

If required, payment for parking will be able to be made:

  • at car park exit barriers using credit card
  • at pay stations located at all lobby entrances via cash or credit card
  • via automatic charge to a credit card by registering online.

More details about registering online will be made available well in advance of activation for the ticketless parking system.

If I register online, will my licence plate and credit card number be kept secure?

Yes, Castle Towers will keep all personal details secure in accordance with our privacy policy, which can be found on our website www.castletowers.com.au or on request from our Customer Services team.

This policy adheres with Australia’s Privacy Act.

Cinema Validation

Enjoy an additional hour free when you visit Event Cinemas at Castle Towers. Keep your cinema tax invoice with you and validate your parking at any pay station using the barcode on the cinema ticket.

How can I find out what time I entered the car park?

You can check your entry time by using your licence plate details at any pay station.

I have a disabled parking permit, will rate apply?

Disabled parking is free for authorised disabled parking permit holders. Visit the Customer Service Desk to validate your parking, simply provide your Registration and Disability Permit.

What do I do if I visit more than once a day?

You are entitled to 3 hours free parking on your first entry into the car park. When returning to the car park in the same day you will only receive an additional 3 hours free parking if your time of car park entry is more than 1.5 hours (90 minutes) after your previous car park exit.

Will there be staff to help in the car park?

The car park will be managed 24 hours a day by staff that can assist Castle Towers’ customers. Every exit will have a call button to contact a staff member for assistance.

If you have any questions or concerns about the new managed parking system at Castle Towers, please contact our Customer Services team on (02) 8858 9700 or customerservice@castletowers.com.au.

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