• Gift Cards

    1. Q: I would like to buy a Castle Towers Gift Card, where can I do this?

      A: You can purchase a Castle Towers Gift Card online here or in-Centre from the Customer Service Desk. For more information about Gift Cards click here.

    2. Q: Where can I redeem Castle Towers Gift Cards?

       A: Visit the Directory list on this website to view which stores accept Castle Towers Gift Cards. Alternatively, you can contact customer service on 02 8858 9700 or contact the individual store.

  • Stores and Trading Hours

    1. Q: What are the Centre Trading Hours?

      A: The core Centre Trading Hours and any special Trading Hours including Public Holidays can be viewed on the homepage, or here.

    2. Q: How do I find out when a particular store is open?

      A: Search for the store you are looking for in the directory and click through to the store’s detail. It is also a good idea to contact the individual store directly to be sure.

    3. Q: What stores will I find at Castle Towers?

      A: You will find a full list of Castle Towers stores here.

    4. Q: I am looking for a particular store. Is it at Castle Towers and where will I find it?

      A: You will find a full list of Castle Towers stores and locations here.

    5. Q. Where can I find information on restaurants and dining at Castle Towers?

      A: Visit our “Dining & Leisure” page for information on restaurants and entertainment at Castle Towers.

  • Towers VIP Member

    1. Q: How do I become a Towers VIP member, and what do members receive?

      A: You will find all the questions and answers about membership here.

  • Keeping up to date with latest events, news and offers

    1. Q: I’d like to receive information from Castle Towers on the latest news, offers and events, where can I sign up?

      A: Simply visit our membership page here to sign up to receive updates from Castle Towers.

  • Customer Service

    1. Q: I lost something at Castle Towers, who should I report this to?

      A: Contact the customer service team on 02 8858 9700

  • Site Tour

    1. Where can I take the new Website Tour to learn about all the new features?

      You can view the website tour by clicking here.

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