Underwater adventures at home: Word puzzles

Published on 04 July 2018 by Castle Towers

Continuing our Journey into the Deep Blue series of activity sheets, here you'll find a marine-themed wordsearch for children aged 4 to 8 and a trickier crossword for 9 to 12-year-olds. As with our colouring sheets, these puzzles are designed to keep youngsters learning during the holidays by introducing them to the wonders of the ocean. 

All of the creatures spelt out in the puzzles can be found in Australian waters, though some travel vast distances to get here. While many species of jellyfish stick to one location, for example, blue whales are known to cover tens of thousands of kilometres each year during their migration. Due to decades of commercial whaling, blue whales are still considered an endangered species, though numbers have almost doubled in the last 15 years thanks to protection measures implemented around the world.

Simply click below to download the printable puzzles, which should help you start a conversation with your children about the importance of healthy oceans and encourage them to seek out more information about Australian marine life.

Wordsearch (4-8yrs)


Crossword (9-12yrs)


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