4 Things you probably didn’t know about Camilla, but should

Published on 25 March 2019

Camilla Franks is known as ‘The Kaftan Queen’. It’s a title she has earned through her boldly-coloured signature kaftans that blur the line between resortwear and everyday glam. And while kaftans may be at the heart of her Camilla fashion label, there’s so much more to the know and love about the brand, which has recently opened up in Castle Towers.

Camilla's designs are inspired by her travels

You could never call a Camilla design boring, and that’s thanks in part to Camilla Frank’s background in theatre and costume making, as well as her love of travel. Take her newly launched A/W19 collection, La Fleur Libertine. These poetic pieces sing of joie de vivre and French-renowned opulence. “France was a creative feast for inspiration,” says Camilla. “The French are extraordinary in transforming the everyday into pieces of art.” The resulting collection stars ornate maxi dresses, statement jacquard coats and of course, beautiful kaftans, updated with lace panelling and silk satin.

Her pieces can be worn in more ways than one

What you see is what you get with Camilla Franks - she’s a bubbly, vibrant energy with eclectic taste. But when it comes to her clothes, there’s more than meets the eye. What may look like a round-neck kaftan is also a cape, a fitted strapless dress and a one-shoulder gown. The Camilla brand is all about versatility and imagination. Every piece is an investment in quality and quantity.

She will never make you decide between looking glamorous and feeling comfortable

A kaftan is all about comfort, right? True, but when it’s made for a luxurious silk fabric in a striking, artistic print - possibly even embellished with crystals - then suddenly it’s the most glamorous item you own. If you find yourself torn between the joy of getting dressed up and the undeniable cosiness of wearing something comfortable, then Camilla is your style soulmate. 

Her designs are year-round staples

Don’t dismiss Camilla as a summer-only brand; we’d hate for your winter wardrobe to miss out on Camilla’s mood-boosting flair for colour. The Versailles Sky Blouson Sleeve Bomber will elevate a simple jeans and tee combo, while the Versailles Sky Lounge Trouser with Cuffs will give you a much-needed break from your classic black work pants. And be prepared to practically live in the Grey Embellished Knit.