How To: Cooking on the barbecue

Published on 23 November 2017 by Liz Macri | KitchenInk AU

It's officially barbecue season, and Liz Macri of KitchenInk AU shares her secrets to this summer cooking trend. 

I love cooking on the barbecue. It’s refreshing; the sun, the outdoors, the alfresco dining…. Ahhh…. summer time!

When cooking on a barbecue, it doesn’t have to be all steaks and sausages. Remember to try things like fruits, vegetables and even cheese.

A quick idea I like to do is cut stone fruit into wedges and grill them until warmed through. Add the fruit to a green salad made up of greens and bitter leaves. The sweetness of the fruit adds another dimension. Fruits like nectarines, peaches, plums or even mangoes all work well. The kids love the fruit served with vanilla ice-cream for a simple summer dessert. 

Another great idea is grilling cheese as a vegetarian option or to have with vegetables or salad.

Haloumi is great as it is a firmer cheese, suited to a higher cooking temperature. Cut it into slices and barbecue until it goes golden and slightly crisp on the outer edges. Serve the haloumi immediately as it firms as it cools.

Feta is another cheese suitable for the grill. Marinate 100g pieces of feta with oil, herbs and chopped garlic (or bought pesto!). Wrap the pieces in foil and cook them on a grill plate for about 5 minutes or until heated through. Serve the feta warm with bread, or over a Greek salad – it is really delicious.

Other ideas for the grill include firm tofu, marinated and cut into thick slabs. Grill them until browned and warmed through. Or grilled polenta – make polenta and leave it to set overnight. Cut into slabs and grill until golden and warmed through.

Don’t forget things like, homemade garlic bread, tortilla wraps and pizzas – all suitable for the grill and cooking them on the barbecue gives them a wonderful charred taste.