Your Exclusive Holey Moley x Strike Bowling Game Plan!

Published on 10 January 2018 by Castle Towers

Listen up folks! Holey Moley x Strike Bowling is the place to be these School Holidays.

So gather your squad and get ready to dive into endless hours of fun and frivolity with Strike Bowling, karaoke rooms, escape rooms, putt putt and a sports bar of epic proportions! We cannot get enough of the place, so much so we’ve devised a plan of attack to help you make the absolute most of your time at Holey Moley and Strike Bowling #yourewelcome.

Stop One - Escape Room

Bring your A game and thinking caps for this one. The escape room is a real-life puzzle experience where a small team is locked in a room and must work together to escape. Your mission is to save IRIS, a world-first artificial intelligence program, that has been sabotaged by a bitter employee of the company Exodyne. The future of Exodyne rests in your hands, no pressure!  Hot tip: everything around you could be a clue, so you will need to find hidden objects, solve riddles and crack clues to beat the clock and escape the room. (But never fear – they’ll let you out either way). Good luck!

Stop Two - Strike Bowling

Now that you’ve escaped, it’s time to make like a pin and head over to Strike Bowling.  Strike have turned down the lights and cranked up the fun with a sweet sound system that will keep you bouncing between bowls. Whether you’re competing to be crowned king pin or you’re just a fan of wholesome fun, bowling is the perfect activity for all ages.

Stop Three -Holey Moley Putt Putt Golf

Feeling a little under par with your bowling efforts? Not to worry, the mini-golf course is your chance make an almighty comeback and conquer! Forget about the old school windmills and sand castles because Holey Moley have kicked things up a notch. Pop on your visor and putt your stuff around your choice of 9 or 18 themed holes including shark infested waters and pop culture references such as the Family Guy couch (so be sure to follow Peter Griffin’s lead and get a selfie on the couch).

Stop Four - The Caddy Shack

It’s safe to say by now you’ve probably worked up an appetite, so head on over to The Caddy Shack and pull up a seat, sugar. Think layered burgers with a syringe of melted cheese, corn dogs, loaded fries, mini sliders plus all the best thirst quenchers including shakes, beers, wines and out of this world cocktails. We’d recommend the ‘Sugar Caddy’ cocktail, with Smirnoff vodka, Cointreau, raspberries and fresh lemon juice, topped with lemonade and a candy kebab…enough said! Enjoy all the scrumptious morsels over a game of NBA basketball on the big screens (yes, plural) in the sports bar and you’re onto a winner 😉

Stop Five - Kareoke

If you can talk, you can sing! So, once you’re revived, head on into one of the karaoke rooms. Whether you’re rapping a verse like Nicki Minaj or belting out a tune like Beyoncé, there’s something to suit everyone. Plus, to keep things interesting, all rooms are stocked up with a fun array of props so that you can keep your Snapchat story and selfie game strong! Singing can be thirsty work too guys, so if you do work up a thirst, drinks can be delivered straight to your room.

So whether you're a code cracker, a king pin, a putting hero, a superstar signer or just a lover of a yummy beverage or two, Holey Moley x Strike Bowling is the perfect place for a night out with your best mates!