The Future of Fashion | Part 1

Published on 30 September 2017 by @jessie_khoo Photography by @sophilosia

As an alumni of FBI Fashion College I was sooo excited that I finally get to collaborate with their up and coming fashion design students who have made some truly amazing and beautiful designs. Here I am wearing a dress designed by Tianna Murkins (@tiannamareece).

I love the rose gold fabric which has a dobby stripe through the fabric, she’s cut the pieces of the dress so that they are a-symmetrical and highlight the neckline and catch the light in so many ways, small details which are really the eye of a good designer.

This is only one of the pieces of her collection, not to mention the many other designers that will be on show at Castle Towers from October 5th until October 17th… so if you’re interested in seeing what the Future of Fashion will be please go check it out!

Jessie x

Photography by  Wes Tan (@sophilosia)