The best croissant in the Hills is at Shepherd's Bakehouse

Published on 03 January 2018

Customer's often tell us our croissants are among Sydney's best and we can't argue with that!

As well as being our most popular pastry, the croissants give us a great chance to be creative - there are just so many different, delicious flavour combinations which work well with the humble butter croissant.

When you get down to it, however, what we reckon makes Shepherd’s croissants so delicious is the result of three things.

One, the filling for each of our croissants starts with our house-made almond butter, which is one of the key things that gives the croissants their rich flavour and amazing smell.  Without giving too much away, it’s only got a few ingredients - high-quality almond meal, butter, sugar, egg and cornflour (no preservatives or additives and nothing artificial) but it gives a huge boost to the ‘yum factor’ – that’s a technical term - of the croissants.

Secondly, we don’t skimp on the toppings.  We top our croissants with a generous layer of toasty flaked almonds, crunchy crumbed walnuts or chocolate ganache, so the flavour is both inside and outside the croissant.  This means there is no ‘cupcake’ factor, where you enjoy the icing-loaded top part, and throw away the bottom.  Shepherd’s croissants are delicious all the way through.

And finally, people love that our croissants are generously portioned so you can definitely share one between two people, if you like - they’re incredibly good value. 

Though, if you love them so much you want to eat one all on your own, that’s fine too!