Hot Cross Buns - Traditional vs Creative?

Published on 10 March 2018 by Shepherd's Bakehouse

Big, fluffy and fruity. Sticky and golden on the outside, moist and fragrant on the inside...

Choc-Caramel Hot Cross Bun

There’s a reason why Shepherd’s Artisan Bakehouse sell their glorious Hot Cross Buns by the dozen – because it’s impossible to eat only one!

Returning to Shepherd’s shelves from February 15 are our favourite Traditional Hot Cross Buns, plus (for those who hate sultanas), last year’s new Fruitless Hot Cross Buns.

Most exciting of all, this year Shepherd’s are introducing a new, limited edition flavour – the gooey and rich Choc-Caramel Hot Cross Bun.

Of course, debate always rages as to whether Traditional is best, and all other versions a crime against food (we love how passionate people are about their favourite treats!) but the team at Shepherd’s are confident that once people try the new indulgent Choc-Caramel variety, they’ll be hooked.

Studded throughout with juicy jumbo raisins and chunks of caramel and milk chocolate, they’re not only delicious to enjoy just as they are, but taste even better when toasted and slathered with real butter, or – best of all – sliced up and made into a heavenly Choc-Caramel Hot Cross Bun Pudding with Raspberries

You can taste all three varieties for yourself at our two March Fresh Food Market Days on the Ground Floor, where Shepherd’s will be sampling Hot Cross Buns and offering great ‘on-the-spot’ specials if you’d like to take some home!

Choc-Caramel Hot Cross Bun Pudding with Raspberries. YUM!