The cosy touches to prepare your home for winter

Published on 25 March 2019

Getting your home ready for winter might only take a few tweaks here and there, leaving you with a cosy haven for spending chilly days indoors. Local interior designers Eriana Bredenhann and Lyndie Wilsenach have these easy home-style savvy tips for getting your house winter-ready.

Change your colour palette

 We’re slowly moving away from homewares in bright lemony yellows, lime and cool ocean blues. The time has come to indulge in moody plums, sophisticated burgundy, forest green, comforting mustards and velvety navy palettes

Fill the voids

The Marie Kondo decluttering phenomenon has left bare rooms in its wake, so make sure there’s enough “stuff” in your home to help you hibernate. Bare windows should be covered with thick, floor-to-ceiling curtains to keep the cold at bay. Bring nature indoors by placing tall palms in woven baskets in the so-called “dead-spots” in your house. 

Dial up the cosy vibes

Layering textures, such as wicker and cane, timber trays and ornaments, and natural rugs woven in sisal and wool are wonderful ways to turn your home into a comfortable cave. And of course, you can’t go wrong with a woolly rug, knitted cushions and lots of throws. 

Hit refresh (without spending a cent)

A sure-fire way to get a new look is to change the furniture layout. Simply switching the direction of the coffee table, or swapping your accent chairs and sofa will instantly put a new spin on your living space. 

Make yourself feel at home

Never forget to add a personal touch – think fresh flowers in a vase or a vignette with framed photos of your loved ones. 

Create a warm welcome

One idea we love is being welcomed by a decanted bottle of wine on a pretty tray with two glasses of red. This is also a great way of getting your partner in a good mood to tell them about all the new throws you’ve just bought...