Why teaching kids to garden is ace

Published on 09 January 2019

Anyone can find joy in taking up gardening. Children, in particular, have so much to gain. In addition to a host of new life skills, being out in the sunshine digging, planting, mulching and pruning is a whole lot of fun. Here’s why teaching your kids to garden is always a good idea.


When a child becomes the custodian of a small patch of soil, is the planter of seedlings, and studiously waters and tends to a growing plant, they will grasp the basics of responsibility. Perhaps for the first time in their lives, a living thing will depend upon them to thrive.


Successfully growing a flower, fruit or vegetable gives children (and adults alike) the feeling of accomplishment and confidence. Once they’ve brought in their harvest, this self-esteem boost is carried over into their kitchen as they prepare a meal out of the self-grown produce.

Love of nature

Why stay indoors when you could be out in the great outdoors, i.e. your backyard? Not to mention the benefits of bounteous fresh air. Teaching kids to garden gives them a chance to learn about the environment in the safety of their yard.

Physical activity

Modern life compels us to constantly be confronted with screens, which leads to a sedentary, not-so active, lifestyle. Engaging in an outdoor activity can therefore offer a much-needed respite and gets the blood flowing. If you’re a seasoned green thumb yourself, you’ll know that carrying soil and watering cans, digging holes and mulching can leave you happily exhausted by your efforts.


Kids are more interested in food when they’ve made the effort to grow it themselves. Hopefully, their enthusiasm for gardening will spill over into the kitchen, as they prep healthy meals out of what they’ve produced.