The secrets to glowing skin in winter

The recurring theme of maintaining a dewy glow throughout winter is by hydrating till you drop. The gold-standard ingredient for hydrating skin is hyaluronic acid, so make sure it’s in both your serum and moisturiser for maximum impact. 

Swap out lightweight formulas for richer textures to help your skin feel pampered and replenished. To this end, face oils, creamy moisturisers, body butters and intensive lip balms will be your new best friends. 

Remember, it’s not just about what you add to your beauty routine; it’s also about knowing what not to do. Here are out top two tips for keeping your glow game strong, all winter long:

Ditch the hot showers

We know, it’s a big ask, but go easy on the hot showers. Washing in lukewarm water is much more gentle on your skin, and will help your skin naturally retain its moisture levels. When you hop out, pat yourself almost-dry then immediately apply your body lotion over damp skin. It’s an easy hack for an extra hydration hit.

Don't scrub so hard

It may be tempting to pick a super gritty exfoliant to buff away your dryness, but using harsh exfoliants only makes matters worse. Now you’ve got red, irritable skin as well as a dry complexion. The best exfoliant for the job is one with fine, gentle micro-particles. When applying, use gentle, circular motions - no rigorous scrubbing required!

In your makeup kit

Give your skincare a helping hand in the glow department with these instant makeup fixes:

Mecca Cosmetica Stila Heaven’s Hue Highlighter

The light-diffusing particles in this highlighter give tired skin a radiant glow when you need it most


Myer Yves Saint Laurent Touche Éclat Easy Glow

A tinted moisturiser that banishes dullness, smooths fine lines and gives a luminous complexion? Sign us up!


The Body Shop Drops of Glow Lustre Finish Creator

Use this clever blend on its own or mixed with your favourite foundation for instant luminosity and sheen.