ZOE by Merrell

Published on 05 February 2018 by Merrell

The Back to YOU Shop 

At this time of year, the focus for mums has very much been on the 'Back to School' shop, but now with the kids back at their desks, it's time to switch the thinking back to you. Now is the time to remember the things that made you feel human. Now is time for the 'Back to YOU Shop'. 

First on the shopping list is a pair of versatile shoes that you can slip into on your way out the door, which are guaranteed to be comfortable, good for your feet and go with any outfit. Merrell has the answer with their newest release and incredibly versatile shoe, the ZOE.

The ZOE is the ultra-lightweight lifestyle shoe that boasts style and comfort, making it perfect for everyday adventures and the ultimate travel essential.

The Greek origins of the name Zoe translates to “life”. Life is big and life is busy, especially for the modern Mumma who in the flurry of the everyday desires easy and comfortable in her wardrobe.

The ZOE makes the last minute “get out the door” rush less panicked as the stretch knit design with bungee lacing option conforms to the foot for a secure fit while allowing for effortless on and off.  

In addition to convenience, ZOE wearers benefit from the support that comes from the Q Form 2™ technology, engineered specifically for women.    

Women are anatomically and biomechanically different from men which affects how her whole body moves. ZOE’s Q Form 2™ midsole provides proper support, cushioning and the corrective positioning women need to make possible a more balanced, natural stride that ensures longer-lasting comfort.

The M Select™ CUSH ultra-lightweight technology balances durability and flexibility for all day comfort and weighing next to nothing, the ZOE is the only pair of shoes necessary to make their way into travel luggage for the family holiday. Plus, the shoes are machine washable so it doesn’t matter how big the adventure gets!

The ZOE is also 100% vegan allowing you to feel good about looking good. It is the “looking good” in the slick, agile style of the ZOE that appeals to the mum of 2018 who has outgrown torturing her feet in the name of fashion but is not willing to forgo style.

ZOE by Merrell is now available on Level 3, Castle Towers