Kinn Niyom

Asian, Thai

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  • Opening hours
    11.30am - 10pm
    11.30am - 10pm
    11.30am - 10pm
    11.30am - 10pm
    11.30am - 10pm
    11.30am - 10pm
    11.30am - 10pm
  • 9899 5669
  • Level 3, Shop 7
  • Best parking is Purple
  • Accepts Gift Cards

Kinn Niyom takes pride in the Modern Thai culinary experience. "Kinn" means "Eat" in Thai and aims to provide customers with a great dining experience and exceptional cuisine.

Apart from the culinary delights that present our exquisite innovation of fusing taste of traditional Thai with modern adaptations, Kinn Niyom also offer a unique variety of  full favour Asian dishes to please any palate. 
We believe that service and ambiance are a great complement to the food and you are o ered a choice to "Kinn" in our indoor dining room or out in the cozy outdoor terrace. A private dining room is also available to cater large groups, parties, social gatherings, or corporate events.
Come, and  nd out for yourself, that Kinn Niyom  is a great place to "Kinn" and have a great time!