The Good Men Project

  • Wednesday 28 August- 24 September 2019

Castle Towers proudly supports 'The Good Men Project' in collaboration with Hills Community Aid. The initiative aims to give men the chance to have a voice, challenge gender stereotypes and promote change. 

The Good Men Project grew from conversations Hills Community Aid workers had with men where they identified that they would like to be part of social change, but found it hard to find a voice or opportunities to make a stand. 

The project is based on the reality that most men are good men, and that good men can help create change in society by being positive role models, promoting healthy messages about masculinity, encouraging equal relationships based on respect and challenging negative gender stereotypes. If more good men begin to speak up then there will be an increasing expectation that other men will behave similarly. 

Over recent months, Hills Community Aid has had conversations with local men about their views on respect and gender stereotypes.

We invite you to take your time to read about the men from our 2019 Good Men Project, talk to friends, family and work colleagues about these great men and the other good men in your community and be a part of the conversation that breaks down gender stereotypes.

Location: Level 1 next to Medicare