The new Castle Towers

The proposed transformation of Castle Towers is a large-scale urban renewal program that will provide for interrelated experiences – creating a destination that embraces community gathering spaces which foster social interaction and human connection.

A recent decision by the Joint Regional Planning Panel (JRPP) to approve our Development Application is a significant milestone which allows us to progress to the next steps of development planning.
The new Castle Towers will be as much about lifestyle, recreation, entertainment, experiential events and dining as it will be an outstanding retail destination.

The Development Application proposes to significantly reconfigure and reinvigorate Castle Towers to better utilise the existing site and ensure it continues to meet the needs of our customers and retail partners well into the future.

It is also planned to deliver significantly improved car parking facilities, which will increase the Centre’s parking capacity to more than 8,000 vehicles, and will expansively improve access and circulation through the introduction of new entry and exit points from the upgraded Showground Road and Pennant Street.

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